Albums and releases


Ouroboros, Lion Music 2012 release date 25.04.2012

1. Wind

2. Hollow

3. Glass Wall

4. Like a Dream

5. Confidence and Trust

6. Stain

7. Smile

8. Flowers Die

9. Sail Away

10. bonus for JAPAN release Verge Of Sanity 2011

mixed by Torsti Spoof in Studio Audio, Jyvaskyla

mastered in Cutting Room by Mats Limpan Lindfors

cover art by Andre Beckston / monowasp


Dialog, Lion Music 2009

1. Something More

2. Out Of These Streets

3. Stand And Think

4. Fade Away

5. Machine

6. Masquerade

7. Dialog act I II III

8. Bonus song in Japan release - Blinded

Cover art by Matti Kuusniemi

mixed in Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki / Nino Laurenne


Blinded single, Status Minor release 2007

Recorded in SONIC PUMP STUDIOS, Helsinki and E-MAJOR STUDIOS, Kerava

Recorded and mixed by Tero Kinnunen

Mastered by Mika Jussila, Finnvox


The Sun - promo cd, Status Minor release 2007

1. The Sun

2. Wounds

3. Under The Ice

Mixed and mastered by Jussi Kulomaa


Demo 2006, Status Minor release 2006

1. Seek & Hide

2. The Guide pt.1: Verge Of Sanity

3. The Guide pt.2: Liquid Fire

Mixed and mastered by Jussi Kulomaa


Blinded video, directed by Matti Kuusniemi, Trashvideo Oy

Some pictures...

Autumnfest 2009, Tampere Klubi, Photos by Kimmo Sipila

Dialog promo pictures

Live and other stuff

Photos by Toni Salminen METALSCOPE.NET, Matti Kuusniemi and MJK

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