Status Minor - Dialog (Lion Music)



If all the progressive metal bands were so interesting as STATUS MINOR, then I could consider myself a fan of this genre. The hard truth, though, is that most of the progressive bands try to show off their skills and not compose decent songs. Exactly the things that these guys here don't do! Their sound can be described as a mixture of the melodic metal sound that their country, Finland, is known for along with some references to the U.S. sound (QUEENSRYCHE mainly) and some 70's hard rock touches. Personally I have to add that some of their melodic moments also reminded me of good old EUROPE. Anyway, anyone can find similarities in their sound with other big bands, but the fact is that STATUS MINOR know how to make a composition interesting and how to embody their influences to their sound. In a few words “Dialog” is one of the most interesting debuts that I have listened to this year and a release that applies to all the fans of metal music that want to listen to good melodies… 8/10

Nick "Verkaim" Parastatidis