Friday 13th metal

"Status Minor are a new band hailing from Finland, the band was put together back in 2002 when musician's Sami Saarinen - guitars, Markku Kuikka - vocals, Jukka Karinen - keyboards, Eero Pakkanen - bass and Rolf Pilve - drums soon followed. The band seemed to pick up a lot of interest in their home country and Finnish label 'Lion Music', were soon to sign the band. Their debut album 'Dialog', sees the band making waves in the world of the Progressive Metal scene. With the band releasing 2 previous e.p.'s this album is rather impressive and the vocals by Markku remind me of Benny (Tears Of Anger) with hints of Jorn Lande also thrown in, yeah he's got a pretty impressive voice, a voice to listen out for. Musically they remind me of Vanishing Point, Tears Of Anger, and maybe a hint of Sonata Artica, Pagan's Mind and also comes recommended for fans of label mates Seventh Wonder and Mind's Eye along with those of Evergrey and Vanden Plas. 8 Trax of melodic Progressive Metal here, and I really like Lion Music for releasing some fine acts, a label to check out their artists. Production on this album is solid which was handled by the band and mixed by Mixed by Nino Laurenne, which does help the bands music. Some catchy tunes and riffs here which gives the album some variation and like most bands that come out of Scandinavia are pretty fine acts. Some of the outstanding tunes on the album are: Something More, Out Of The Streets, Masquerade, Fade Away, Dialog (the 15 minute epic). Not a bad release for a debut album, a band I will be keep eyes and ears open for. Give them a try this isn't bad at all!!" ***/5