Status Minor - Dialog (Lion Music)

Rating - 88% review

Lion Music continue their conquest to become the leading force in progressive metal with new signing, Swedish act Status Minor. This is a name I remember hearing on the underground a year or so ago so its nice to see they have picked up a deal, and with just one listen to their debut “Dialog” its not hard to see why. The band's brand of progressive metal is heavier than some, but still with a keen melodic edge, the band don't go overboard with instrumental segments but rather work these into songs, in fact the sound and quality is not a million miles away from label mates Tomorrow's Eve so that gives some idea as to the quality on offer here. Yet the band have their own distinctive edge, with guitar tones from Sami Saarinen that manage to avoid the same cliché amp tonality often heard whilst vocalist Markku Kuikka has a rich powerful voice perfectly suited to the bands sound. Opener “Something More” is a bold statement of intent, big riffs, pompous keyboards and a tight rhythm section will all draw you in immediately. The band do occasionally drift outside their prog metal sound with “Stand And Think” having some power metal qualities about it and this is a standout track along with the 15 minute closing title track “Dialog” which is a prog metal epic in all aspects of the words, lots of glorious riffs, great vocal melodies and this develops into a play of sorts with the spoken voice dialog between mother and daughter. Overall Status Minor have delivered a great debut, with a rich strong production and mix, this is a band that you feel, like label mates Seventh Wonder could develop into something very special indeed. One to check out.