Status Minor - Ouroboros (Lion Music)

Ytsejam: 4/5


As much as we have heard concept albums go into complete theatrics where it takes a listen or two... or three to figure out what the whole story is about, it's always a treat to hear real experiences influencing subject matter where one doesn't have to dive head first into an encyclopedia to figure out what the hell is going on. Scandi-prog metalers Status Minor have annunciated is their solid focus on both the melody and the mechanics of the music - most bands come to the fork in the road to figure out what 'might' intrigue the listener, but these guys just get the best out of everything.

Their second full-length offering Ouroboros, which was over two years in the making, deals with relationships/love subject matter and throughout the album - we all go through the cycle - we all know the phases, the heartache, letting go... and the intense and heavy material that is in possession within the nine tracks are faultless to narrate this story that reflects the turbulent emotions that are expressed.

Obviously a dark album, with the exception of the opening track "The Wind," the brooding intensity within "Glass Wall," "Hollow," & "Smile" prove that no tenderness need be revealed when experiencing all of this, but you have the sentiment found in the balladry of "Confidence and Trust" & "Flowers Die," with the ten minute prog metal opus "Sail Away" ending the record. There are a lot of guitars, keyboards, classy orchestrations and arrangements that are built upon the melody, so it has all of the right elements that can't be ignored. Fans of Twinspirits, Awake, Symphony X, & Kamelot should hear into to this.

"Harden My Heart" sang about how we move on, "Everybody Hurts" made us realize that we aren't alone in this situation, "You Oughta Know" depicted the anger, but Ouroboros really digs deep into the whole process, exposing the love, laughter, heartache, and demons at a whole other level.

Tommy Hash