One of the most effective ways of teaching children the art of swimming is through the use of learning concertina. Learning concertina involves both a visual component and a tactile one. It also involves the use of the appropriate types of teaching aids for children. It is important that children learn the basics of the […]

The music that you play is a vital part of your life so choosing Concertina Chords can help you become a better player. The chords on this instrument are called chord extensions and when you use them they help to increase the variety of sounds that you can produce. Chords on an acoustic guitar can […]

The Irish Concertina Company, also called the Irish Violin Company, was established in 1930 by William J. O’Connor. This article focuses on how the company came to be, what it is all about and where they are currently at. O’Connor, who had been playing the violin since he was fourteen, did not become a member […]

A very common accessory for those that love to perform in front of the stage is the 30-Button Concertina. There are many reasons why a person would choose this piece of equipment and here is a look at some of them: These pieces of equipment are very easy to use, so if you are looking […]

German pianist Jurgen Suttner produces some very exquisite European-style pianos. This company is run by Jurgen’s son, Tillman Suttner, who is responsible for the company’s design and craftsmanship, as well as their artistic development. This is a good idea because, over the years, this company has grown to become one of the most respected names […]

The Concertina Wheatstone is a small but powerful electronic musical instrument that can be used by almost anyone. The Concertina is one of the first and most well known electronic musical instruments to be released. It was the brainchild of Stanley Meyer, a former professional pianist, in the 1920s. The Concertina uses a small, simple […]

A concertina is an instrument that is used in the production of music. It is usually made of wood, although there are some made from metal. The most common materials used in making a concertina for sale include ebony, cypress and rosewood. When you are looking for a suitable Concertina Book for your next musical […]

When you are looking for a suitable Concertina Book for your next musical instrument, there are a number of things that you should consider. One of these is the musical instrument that you wish to use the book for. However, this does not mean that you have to restrict yourself to a certain type of […]

The most famous and sought-after vintage concertina was made in Japan by Takagi. This instrument has been considered as the grandfather of all vintage instruments. As the founder of the brand, he created the most popular classical guitar of all time, but he also made some of the very first classic music. In order to […]