Hakam Din Cocobolo Fireside Smallpipe Bagpipes

Hakam Din Cocobolo Fireside Smallpipe Bagpipes

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Hakam Din Cocobolo Fireside Smallpipe Bagpipes

Hakam Din Fireside Pipes | Mouth Blown | Available in the Key of A, Bb, C & D.

This historic instrument has many attractions for Highland pipers and folk musicians. This instrument play's choices are A Key, Bb Key, C Key or D Key, Can be played with the same fingering as the Highland pipe chanter, also with covered finger holes. There are three drones comprising of a bass, baritone and tenor, which can be played over the shoulder.

Sound Sample of HakamDin Fireside Pipes:

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Features of the HakamDin Fireside Smallpipes:

  • ·      Striking Cocobolo Wood Natural Finish
  • ·      Fully Polished bores for easy, responsive & smooth pressure
  • ·      Mouth Blown
  • ·      Synthetic pipe bag
  • ·      Deluxe Black Cord Bag Cover
  • ·      Pipe chanter reed
  • ·      Standard Drone Reeds
  • ·      Soft Padded Carrying Case; light weight and easy to carry