Setanta Soprano Irish Tin Whistles Full Set - High D, Eb & C
Setanta Soprano Irish Tin Whistles Full Set - High D, Eb & C
Setanta Soprano Irish Tin Whistles Full Set - High D, Eb & C

Setanta Soprano Irish Tin Whistles Full Set - High D, Eb & C

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Setanta Soprano Whistles Full Set - High D, Eb & C

Please allow 3 weeks lead time

We're extremely proud to announce the all new Setanta Soprano Whistle Set, containing one removable headjoint and three bodies in the keys of C, D and Eb.

Never get caught out at a session again! Change key effortlessly by simply attaching the fipple to a new body. So whether you want to up the ante with a fast-paced Eb session, or slow things down with the rich tone of a C whistle, this is the set for you. 

Setanta Whistles offer a beautifully warm clear tone in all octaves, excellent responsiveness and exceptionally accurate tuning. Each whistle is precision engineered with a personal handcrafted touch.

This quality tin whistle set is a worthy investment for any whistle player. You’ll be able to hear and feel the difference a premium instrument makes to your playing.

We ask you to please bear in mind that these are handcrafted, artisanal Irish whistles and, as a result, waiting times may exceed the advertised length. John is a perfectionist and will not let a whistle leave his workshop until it is the finest it can be. 

Full Set Includes: 

  • Choice of fipple - brass head with Delrin cork, brass head or Delrin head.
  • 3 brass soprano whistle bodies (C, D & Eb)

Please Note: If adding extra fipples (whistle heads) to your set order, John recommends the Brass fipple for the C whistle, the Delrin fipple for the D whistle and the Brass fipple with Delrin cork for the Eb whistle. If you do not state a preference for any extra fipples ordered John will choose the recommended fipples as detailed above.  

Watch and listen to the video provided to hear the different fipples and their various tones.

Key Features of the Setanta Soprano Whistles Set: 

  • Tuneable
  • Two piece brass construction
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Highly responsive
  • Clear, bright, balanced tone
  • Subtle chiff
  • Excellent volume 
  • Highly accurate tuning
  • Effortless to play across all octaves
  • Superb Irish Session Whistle